ETU oü. The Insulation Limited Company - Kyll pojat eristää!!!
ETU is a limited insulation company operating mainly in
 Finland since 2007

Our main line of business is industrial 
and construction insulation. This means that 
any types of insulation and covering materials will 
be thoroughly planned, calculated, delivered and 
professionally installed for you. Our range of insulation/cover 
products include:

- Pipe insulation of all types of piping/insulation functionality, such as
  • Hot pipes (steam, heating, hot process pipes, any other type)
  • Cold pipes (chillers, coolant pipes, liquid gas pipes, cold water pipes)
  • Construction pipings (A/C system pipes, heating and water pipes)
  • Any other pipe insulation according to the customer's needs
- Duct insulation of all types of ducts/insulation
  • Air ducts' insulation (warm/hot/cold air transferring ducts)
  • Exhaust ducts' insulation (industry/home heating/boilers)
  • Combustion chambers/ducts' insulation 
  • Other ducts the customer needs to have insulated
- Tanks of any size and position
  • Vertical tanks of all types 
  • Horizontal tanks of all types
  • Polyurethane insulation of all types of tanks 
  • Mineral wool insulation of all types of tanks
- Boilers, including all piping and duct connections, repair works of all types of boilers
- All types of screw transporters in industry
- Metal sheet cover service including 
  • Roof covering 
  • Rainwater systems 
  • Construction plates/sheet coverings, corners, fences, concrete protection plates, custom made for any customer (private/corporate)
- Anything else a Customer can require to be covered...

Some visual examples of our installations:

Pipe insulation section + plastic cover
Pipe insulation section + plastic cover
Paroc + Isogenopak
Gas burner
Gas burner
3 layers of mineral wool wired mat + aluminium sheet cover (in cooperation with Kymppi-Eristys Oy
Cooling liquid pipes, Shopping center, middle of a big city
Cooling liquid pipes, Shopping center, middle of a big city
Armaflex insulation + painted sheet cover
Industrial process piping
Industrial process piping
Mineral wool pipe sections + aluminium sheet cover.
Ship deck fire insulation
Ship deck fire insulation
Mineral wool wired mat + glass fibre cloth covering
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